Monday, April 18, 2011

Just how many?

Good evening,

I was recently asked how many CD do I have out.  My answer was that I'd blog about it since I need to sit back and count the releases.  I've not thought about it and the question got me thinking.  It is amazing to think about releasing music.  There are a bunch of steps to it and because I've been doing it for so long I don't focus on numbers, just that I enjoy doing it. we go... (click an album title or the play button...have a listen...)

The Screaming Paisleys "EXIT"

mopehead "Cheer Up My Camp"

mopehead "Ballads for Bogun"

mopehead "Songs for Spim"

mopehead "SS-MOPEHEAD"

mopehead "instrumental mopehead"

mopehead "It's Always Good"

mopehead "Big Top Blues"

mopehead "unreleased mopehead"

mopehead "instrumental mopehead volume two"

Rain Station "Criminal Goat"

Rain Station "Fancy Fancy"

Rain Station "The Living Room Sessions"

Rain Station "Stonedozer"

Rain Station "DARK RIDE"

Rain Station "Unreleased Rain Station"

Rain Station "Underground"

Beth Eyre and Month of Sundays "Nobody Records Presents:"

MITCH "Outlaws"

MITCH "Unreleased"

Mark Harvey "Pumpkinland"

Mark Harvey "Pumpkinland II"

Mark Harvey "Pumpkinland III"

Mark Harvey "Unreleased"

Mark Harvey "Fleshrot: Songs from the Dead"

There are a few more releases not listed (not on Bandcamp). In total there are about 27 releases.

There you have it!

Have a great evening,

Mark Harvey

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