Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

Man, what a week...I got to go out and see a killer band (Porch), but I'm super tired so this is going to be a short one folks, but since I've been keeping this blog going I wanted to make sure I left you with something for the weekend. I've been drinkin' my GTs Synergy Kombucha in an attempt to "right" myself before the weekend comes.  I think I'm doing a good job...
Tomorrow night I am hoping to bottle the "Heavy Mellow Stout" I brewed last week and if possible get another batch of beer going.  I am certainly hoping this happens since there is something very fulfilling about brewing beer.  If you haven't already, check out my beer blog, the NorCal Beer Blog.

As I poke around the Internet and find new music to enjoy I am amazed.  I have been recording music for quite some time and lately I have been hearing music that sounds like music I made a decade or so ago.  The whole lo-fi movement is something Rain Station and mopehead did so long ago.  Maybe this is why I blog an attempt to somehow bring our music to the attention of those who seek lo-fi, alternative music.  It doesn't do me any good having it on my computer, or iPod or on DAT tapes or CDs.  Sharing the music is the key.

And with that...I share...

"It's About Us" after all.

Thanks for reading.

Mark Harvey

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