Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Brian Peet lives in Houston

Not that I'm going to give up his address (don't worry Brian), but I recently visited Houston on business and had a chance to see my friend Brian Peet.  I was amazed...once we did the math it appears that we had not seen each other for around 13 years.  A lot of ground has been covered in 13 or so years, but Brian and I clicked in as if no time had passed.  That's what happens when you have good friends - you just pick up where you left off.

I met Brian Peet sometime in the early 90's while working at the good guys! Van Ness store.  He was selling computers and I was the night manager.  Not only was Brian a cool guy, but a fantastic musician.  We instantly hit it off.  Brian helped me get set up with my recording rig, recorded drums tracks for some of the songs on Rain Station's "Fancy Fancy" disc as well as vocals on some other tracks.  Rain Station's only "live" line-up featured Brian Peet (drums), Tony Iuppa (bass), Jay Moores (vocals - acoustic guitar) and me (vocals - guitars). Brian and I produced some tracks here and there and had lots of fun doing it.  Brian is one of those musicians that comes along only once every so often - great ideas, great ears, great talent.  He continues to work on music with the same passion he had years ago. I received a couple CDs yesterday from Brian and true to form the music is fantastic. I wish him success and for the world to know his genius. He is one person that truly deserves it.

Have a listen to some of the tracks I've been fortunate to work on with Brian  - his credits listed (beware - this list is long):

"Summer Home" - drums

"It's A Good Day" - drums, percussion, backing vocals, production

"Slice A Piece Of Heaven" - vocals

"The Place I Once Came From" - vocals

"Quiet Morning" - drums

"Widdershins" - drums

"Pimp Rock Superstar" - vocals

"International Monkey" - vocals

"Feelin' Sci-Fi"  - keyboards, production

Check out some of the great and strange music Brian has been a part of.  Lemme know what you think!
It was great seeing Brian Peet and I am hopeful that we will once again work on music together.

Mark Harvey

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