Sunday, July 19, 2009

The One That Got Away

Years ago (probably circa 2001 or so) Jay asked if I could produce some songs for his wife. She had done backing vocals for Rain Station and had some tracks of her own that she wanted recorded. She has a lovely voice, plays the piano and writes songs so she and Jay brought in a couple (maybe a few tracks to record). "The One That Got Away" (click here to see the video) is a haunting song and right up my alley. After she recorded the piano track and vocals I recorded drums, keys, bass and guitar. The video features a rare look at Pumpkinland Studios (San Leandro, CA location) and actual footage of the process as well as footage of Alameda, CA. The video is also special as it has Spim the Cat footage (a cat that was with Jay for years - while we were roommates and was Rain Station's official mascot).

I listen to this song often. It speaks to me. It represents what I like best about making music - emotion.

At their party back on June 20th after the jamming had stopped and while we were all kicking back upstairs drinking wine and chatting May got out her ukulele and played a few songs for us. The scene was magical - her voice like an angel - the sounds carried through the house and the party goers were silent as we listened to her. I'm thinking when they get back from Maine and once Jay and I finish our current project we need to put something together that capitalizes on what we all share - a love for good music - voices - instruments. For now I'll look at my unfinished studio, blog (which is good and bad for me...the little voice that says, "You know, you could be setting up your gear, dork") and think about a time when they're back and we can make music that contains what I like best - emotion.

Mark Harvey

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