Friday, June 05, 2009

Live...Acoustic...Rain Station

"The Living Room Sessions" is a relaxed recording of an acoustic "unplugged" Rain Station event. Well...actually Jay and I were just sitting around in our living room at the Rain Station in SF. Two guitars, two guys...heavy mellow. I had purchased a portable DAT recorder and had been playing around with the mic input. I took a pair of my high end Sennheiser headphones and took them off the headband and placed them in front of Jay and I. The recording quality was pretty remarkable. Jay brought out his book of tunes and we just ran through them (with little or no practice). Jay's songwriting skills are really highlighted on this disc and these tracks are some of my favorites. Jay was saying the other day that he'd really like to record these songs in a "real" studio. I am hoping to provide him with a "real studio" to record in by having a nice Pro Tools set up to get these tracks recorded with Jay. I'd like nothing more than to get these produced and released. So without further comment, click below for the Bandcampiness that is "The Living Room Sessions":

<a href="">Blanket Of Dreams by Rain Station</a>

Please enjoy this release...comment if you don't cost nuthin'!

Mark Harvey

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