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"It's Always Good" is another compilation of mopehead tracks some of which are REALLY old. This CD only has one guest appearance by Brian Peet (backing vocals on "Phate"). This grouping of songs is full of memories, pain, growth and a little happiness. When I hear these old songs I am always compelled to get of my rear and get back to doing what I love to do. Recording music is something that really fulfills me. It is a musical history lesson - my musical memory. OK, I'll get on with it...

"Somewhere Out" ...a song about wanting to escape the every day grind - a track written while working for the good guys.

"Get Happy" ...a song about what else, getting happy in spite of what might be going on in life. Let's face it, we all have hurdles in life, "Life's no major chore, get happy".

"He Goes To Parties" was written while I was living in SF (recorded at the Rain Station). After drinking a bottle of wine I recorded this track. My buddy Brian Peet liked the track so much we re-recorded it (I blogged about it here). Although the song is written about a specific woman from my past it is not really based in reality. Whenever I hear this song I think of her. She was very special to me. She changed my life.
"Flying East" is about going to visit Jay in New York. It was just after I had gotten married, my work life was REALLY getting me down and I was missing my good friend. I recall driving down Interstate 580 and thinking I could just let go of the wheel and let my car crash. I needed some creative time with my creative friend and I had to get away from work for awhile. Jay was living in a mansion on Staten Island and it sounded so magical to me. The years Jay spent in New York were great for him and probably good for me, but I am always happier when he's in California. What I really need is for him to be my next door neighbor so we can create whenever the feeling hits us.
"Phate" ...about living life, accepting fate and giving yourself a break every now and then. I am harder on myself than anyone could ever be. More boat references in this track as well.

"It Feels Like I'm Home" ...about a nightly journey to Oakland. I was working at the good guys store on Van Ness in San Francisco and my girlfriend was living in Oakland. Many nights I would commute across the Bay Bridge on my way to her place...driving my VW Bus, listening to Rain Station, burning a stick of nag champa incense.

"Little"...what would a mopehead CD be without a Halloween song on it? This song is about the haunting of a lover.

"Older & Wiser"...about growing up, learning and enjoying life. "We all grow old, some grow wise"...very true.

"It's Always Good"...the title track of the disc and at one minute fifteen seconds is quite the little ditty. I've always loved this one. Music as THE drug. Music can heal. Music!

"A Friend Of Yours"...another song written for/about Jay. Regardless of where we live...I will be a friend.

So there you have it. A song by song account - to the best of my recollection. Have a listen...

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Thanks as always for reading...commenting...and hopefully listening.

My best,

Mark Harvey

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