Monday, May 18, 2009

Fleshrot completely uploaded at Bandcamp

I'm REALLY liking Bandcamp. There's something great about being able to offer high quality full CD downloads. It is also nice to have it on Bandcamp as they don't require all the red tape that iTunes does. I've wanted to get my music on iTunes for awhile now, but they're just not letting me get on there. So for now, Bandcamp it is. Like iTunes, you can download just one track or a whole CD. The prices are low as well - an entire CD for $10.

I now have the entire Fleshrot CD up on Bandcamp. I plan on getting more of my music up there (more Rain Station, mopehead and Mark Harvey). There's a good chunk of music there now and to recap - visit the following links below, download some tracks or whole CDs. You know I appreciate it! Click the "here" links below to have a listen - it don't cost nuthin'!
Rain Station here
mopehead here
The Screaming Paisleys here
Mark Harvey here

Thanks again!

Mark Harvey

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