Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Step by Step Criminal Goat- Track 9 of 15

Years ago when Jay and I were living together we'd hang out in the living room with our acoustic guitars and play and sing. Our CD "The Living Room Sessions" epitomizes this time of our lives (songs captured live with two mics and a portable DAT recorder). Today's free track is "Slap On The Back" - a track recorded with the same mindset as "The Living Rooms Sessions". We were hanging out in Jay's room in the Mission District of SF (from what I recall there were a few of us) and Jay started playing this song he wrote. I added another guitar and some vocals and there you have it. Another song recorded. So, here is the FREE MP3 download of "Slap On The Back" (click here to download) (link disabled) taken from Rain Station's Criminal Goat CD. From what I understand Jay began playing (or had been playing) this song at a camp that he was a counselor at - Camp Tapawingo, in Sweden, Maine.

I hope you enjoy this track as much as I do.
Mark Harvey (a.k.a. mopehead)
Click here if you can't figure out where you're supposed to click to download the song.
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