Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sundays with Jay - Rain Station continued

On Sunday (April 5th) Jay and I got together again to work on more tracks for the upcoming Rain Station project. We were both fairly exhausted - I had gone to bed around 3:00 am and Jay said he hadn't slept at all. We got together nonetheless since Jay is heading East for the Summer and we want to complete this recording project before he heads out. Thank goodness he'll be back as we will be gearing up for another recording project for Fall.
I recorded a bass track and a vocal track for "Hold Your Love". I had a really tough time figuring the song out, but eventually (with Jay playing along on his acoustic) I got it. I recorded a vocal track for "Sad Silence" and a guitar and bass track to another tune that does not yet have a name. The final "act" was adding a bass line to "Dread Pirate Roberts".
This project is coming along very nicely - check out the progress here at RainStation.com. You can download the tunes to see how they're coming along, watch videos and be a part of the recording process.

I'll be back over at Jay's place (if all goes well) on April 19th.

Go have a listen, ya'll!

Mark Harvey


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