Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He Goes To Parties - FREE MP3 - Version 1

As you all have noticed I've been offering up FREE downloads of my tracks for a while now. When I hung out with Jay the other day he got me thinking that the "give it away" approach of my blog was a really good thing. It is great to have supportive friends and Jay has always been very supportive of my music and supportive of me making music. I think if he had his way I'd be holed up in a studio somewhere making music 24/7. I couldn't/wouldn't argue with that, but you gotta pay the bills, right? I've been getting into the now and then sort of posts - two versions of the same track for your downloading enjoyment (hopefully you're enjoying it...that is). Must be the new Rain Station process that Jay has been promoting on the Rain Station site (here) that's got me doing this. He's been posting tracks in progress and giving the "fans" a chance to listen to the music as it evolves. I love the idea!
Here is a FREE MP3 download of the original version of "He Goes To Parties" (click here to download) (link disabled) taken from my It's Always Good CD. The song also made it onto Jay's compilation CD, This Can Free and on the Nobody Records Sampler Volume One CD. This song was recorded on my meager 4-track while doing my solo thing as mopehead and was recorded at the original Rain Station in San Francisco. After a bottle of wine and some serious reflecting I put this track together. I re-recorded this song with my buddy Brian Peet. This was a similar situation as "It's A Good Day" as Brian wanted to re-record a bunch of my mopehead tracks. I took that as a huge compliment coming from Brian. He's an incredible musician and songwriter. As usual I plan to add more early Rain Station and mopehead tracks in the coming months.
Look out for the re-recorded version of this tune with my buddy Brian Peet on drums and vocals. That'll be part two of this FREE MP3 extravaganza!

Mark Harvey(mopehead)
Click here if you can't figure out where you're supposed to click to download the song. (link disabled)

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