Friday, September 26, 2008

Flying East

Hello again...Mark Harvey here giving away more of my music for FREE. What the heck! I've not been uploading any of my Halloweenie tracks, but have been doling out a good supply of the "heavy mellow" lo-fi music I spent years recording. I've finally gotten around to ripping a bunch of my old CDs and have been putting them onto my iPod and so I figure I should give away some of this stuff...maybe some of these songs might end up on your iPod. Listening to these old tracks have given me a HUGE bug to record again and get back into making music (of all sorts). Recording used to be my primary addiction and I couldn't get enough. Just before my divorce I immersed myself into looking for a job and since I landed the day job I have - what with a job, kids and a new wife I've just not focused on what was such a huge part of who I am. Pretty depressing really. So I am going to try and commit to getting off my tookis and put my studio back together in an effort to inflict your ears with new mopehead, Rain Station and Mark Harvey tracks. I hope this is not just a threat, but a promise. Somebody HELP ME! OK, so enough of that!
Here is a FREE MP3 download of Flying East taken from my It's Always Good CD . This song was recorded on my 8-track while doing my solo thing as mopehead. This track was recorded at the original Pumpkinland Studios in Oakland. I was working for the good guys! as the Service Manager dealing with all sorts of crazy people drama and while I was driving home I just thought..."hey...what if I just drifted off and...". So I knew I needed to take a break and get my head straight. My buddy Jay had moved to New York and was living in a surreal mansion on Staten Island. I thought it was time to visit him, see his cat Spim, check out the mansion and chill like we do. This song was written in anticipation of that trip. As usual I plan to add more early Rain Station and mopehead tracks in the coming months.
Mark Harvey(mopehead)
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