Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28th...part two

Good evening friends, fiends and finks,

As we get closer to Halloween multi-post days are in order.

So - I write a lot about Rain Station's DARK RIDE...I do...

It is probably one of the things I've done in life I'm most proud of (after kids and some other non-musical life experiences). Rain Station (for me) was a beautiful collaboration between a friend and I...something that can't be dismissed and something that will always stand he test of time.

Some folks dig it...and I dig that they dig it.

Enter Heather Drain (here) - a fan, a friend and a brilliant writer. She's recently written "Music to Get Your Spook On!: The Album Edition" for Diabolique Magazine (here).

Making the grade on any list of Halloween music is a's what Heather has to say:

"Another two man band (minus the plethora of session guys), Rain Station was formed in the early 1990s by two multi-talented Americans, Mark Harvey and J. E. Moores. I found out about them years ago when listening to a now long gone Halloween themed internet radio station via Live365. This particular station stood out for several reasons and one of the biggest was the work of a band named Rain Station. Songs like “Trick or Treating,” “Things” and “Candy” grabbed and pulled me towards seeking out their Halloween themed album, “Dark Ride.” This was a move that I am still eternally grateful for, especially since it made me check out their non-spooky work, which is equally brilliant and beautifully unclassifiable. Rain Station are truly their own genre.

With the tone ranging from cute to somber to fanged-monster-mask-scary, “Dark Ride” is a work that should be played as much as “Monster Mash” in a world more just. It’s a perfect album for pre, during and post Halloween-themed capers. Whether it is the thrill of being a child in a cheap mask, going to strange houses at night in search for candy or being the grown up monster kid watching scary movies late at night with friends, “Dark Ride” is an album that lives up to its title. It is actually better than any carnival ride and you can be assured that the odds of getting sexually harassed by a carny named “Crutches” while visiting this particular dark ride are incredibly low."

She sums up what DARK RIDE is all about.  And there's no carnies...

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

October 28th...

Hey there everyone!

October is a month of giving and receiving.  The best part of getting the Halloween packages out to folks is having them photograph what I've sent (in whatever form suits them). Daniel Knop's photo is to the left. His
band, Roadside Memorial (here) has a track on this year's compilation.
Jay didn't photograph the CD or some of the goodies inside the Halloween box, but DID take this awesome photo of the fangs and eraser I sent.  Love this image.
Sandi took this great image of what I sent PLUS the cool Halloween Forever stamps she picked up at the post office.
Here are the wonderful things Sandi sent to my family this year.  We always look forward to our annual Halloween gift box and this year was no exception!

Here's a "treat" for you...a free MP3 of "Every Day, Every Year" by mopehead (here).

Have a listen before you download...

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

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