Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28th...

Hey there everyone!

October is a month of giving and receiving.  The best part of getting the Halloween packages out to folks is having them photograph what I've sent (in whatever form suits them). Daniel Knop's photo is to the left. His
band, Roadside Memorial (here) has a track on this year's compilation.
Jay didn't photograph the CD or some of the goodies inside the Halloween box, but DID take this awesome photo of the fangs and eraser I sent.  Love this image.
Sandi took this great image of what I sent PLUS the cool Halloween Forever stamps she picked up at the post office.
Here are the wonderful things Sandi sent to my family this year.  We always look forward to our annual Halloween gift box and this year was no exception!

Here's a "treat" for you...a free MP3 of "Every Day, Every Year" by mopehead (here).

Have a listen before you download...

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey


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