Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year

Looks like I made it through 2015.  This year had tremendous highs and incredible lows. The birth of my son was a highlight for sure and if not for him, my other children, my wife, family and friends I don't know if I could regard 2015 as a success.  The struggles were many, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I hope for each of you a peaceful, prosperous and exciting New Year.

I will, as usual, press on and do what I do.  I look forward to a New Year filled with good things! Let's go 2016! I'm sure hoping for a good year.


Mark Harvey

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning friends,

Today I am thankful for many things. I am thankful that you are taking a few minutes to read this blog post.  I am thankful for my family, for my friends, for music, for beer, for good health, my job, my home, my car and for all the many blessings in my life.

What are you thankful for?

I don't need a special day to be thankful for all that I have.  I am thankful each day for each day and for what I have.

Here's a song called "Thank you" off "Unreleased mopehead".  It is an instrumental track with samples of Richard McGhee Star Vocalist that were taken from "Halloween at the Rain Station".

Thank you again for sharing some time with me and Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark Harvey

Sunday, November 01, 2015

November 1st....October IS over

November 1st is here yet again and...October's Over. Blogging everyday during the month of October is part are my Halloween festivities.

I now traditionally post mopehead's "October's Over" when we reach November. It is a commentary on how I feel the day after Halloween. It takes me a few weeks to get over the loss felt when the Halloween season is over. Although I love that Halloween is the gateway to other holidays, it always seems to come and go so quickly. October 31st is when my Father passed away so it has multiple meanings for me.

As I tell people when they question me about Halloween being my favorite holiday...

Halloween is the greatest play day of the year. As an adult you can get away with being anything or anyone (well...almost). And unlike other holidays if you choose not to participate you aren't shunned. Seriously folks...if I told people I just didn't feel like participating in Thanksgiving or Christmas I would be excommunicated. If you don't participate in Valentine's Day you don't have love or know love. 4th of July you are not a patriot. Halloween? biggie.

Of course that seems just plain wrong to me, but I like the no pressure nature of my favorite holiday.

Enjoy the track...

Mark Harvey

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 31st...IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Well folks...we made it!  Another FULL month of blogging and blog posts and tonight I'll be taking my kids out for trick or treating, seeing the sights, eating some candy and having fun.

If you're not already aware of it, you can surf over to Halloween Radio and stream Halloween music for your party, for trick or treaters, to play in the dark or just to vibe out to.  Surf on over!

There are a few songs that resonate with me on Halloween night specifically.

First up is "Candy" from Rain Station's "DARK RIDE" CD. Jay created a fantastic video for this track - here - and I just LOVE this tune.  Have a listen...
Next up is another track from "DARK RIDE" that is perfect for Halloween night.  Jay created a video for this track as well - here.  Have a listen to "Trick or Treatin'"...
Last up tonight is a FREE download of "It's Halloween" which is an unreleased song from Rain Station.  Jay made a video for "It's Halloween" and you can watch it here.  Have a listen to the song before you download it.
Download "It's Halloween" here.

OK, enough treats - go out and have a safe Halloween!

Mark Harvey

Friday, October 30, 2015

October 30th...Happy Anniversary

Greetings guys and ghouls,

Eleven years ago today I married my wife.  We both would have preferred to pick a different day for our wedding anniversary since there's always so much to do to get ready for Halloween (if you're like me) and our anniversary doesn't get the attention it deserves.

This year is unique for many reasons.  Lots going on in personal and professional lives, but all is good.  Hopefully we can find a way to get away at some point to celebrate our 11 years of married life together.

I love you honey, Happy Anniversary.

So since we're talking October brides...have a listen to "October's Bride" off  Rain Station's DARK RIDE CD.

If you've not taken the time to check out the DARK RIDE videos, please do. Visit or click the links below....
and the BONUS track "IT'S HALLOWEEN"

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife and Happy 30th of October. TOMORROW is THE day! HALLOWEEN PEOPLE!!!!
Mark Harvey

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 29th...

Good evening friends and fiends,

It takes me a while to get my Halloween decorations out and up these days.  As I've said many times, I have possibly the WORST Halloween house ever.  Very long, steep driveway and then 19 steps up to the front door.  Anything I put out has to be nearly onto the street for anyone to notice.  Most of my neighbors don't decorate either so as a former Trick-or-Treater I understand why kids wouldn't want to walk up our court to see what the house at the end of the street looks like.  I've had nearly everyone I know suggest things to bring more kids up our street, but none of the options sound good to me.  I'm afraid of theft.  I don't want to lose all the cool stuff I've accumulated over the years.
Each year I purchase some inexpensive Halloween decorations.  These are getting closer and closer to the street level. I had hoped to put a bunch of these skulls and skeleton hands all over my front yard, but with the lack of rain the soil is a hard as concrete.  I've tried digging holes here and there, but I haven't made enough progress.
I'm a big fan of these cheesy "light up eyed" skeleton folks.  In the dark they have just the right vibe for the yard.
My kids helped me decide where to put these.  I used areas that had lots of leaf and needle coverage.
Now I'm hoping we don't have a major windstorm.  These creeps aren't as stable as I would like them.
Last year the dear trampled a handful of my Halloween props.  I found skulls all over the place.  Since I know the pathway they go on I've avoided decorating there. So, I guess they're not fans of the Holiday.

All of my favorite things stay inside and IF someone comes up to the front door (I think we've maxed out at 5 Trick-or-Treaters one year) then they get to see lots of cool decorations.  I'm still working on things and once I have it done I'll take photos and post them.

The other night my son and I watched a show about extreme home haunts the other night.  He was AMAZED at the work and how cool all the places looked.  I think this could be a turning point year for him and home haunting.  I've always hoped to get the family involved with creating a home haunt.

I just hope we don't have to move to get there...

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 28th...

Greeting friends and fiends...

Carved a pumpkin over this past weekend...just one so far...I like carving most of my pumpkins on Halloween as a tradition.

Here's a little story for you...

The History of the Jack O'Lantern
The Irish brought the tradition of the Jack O'Lantern to America. But, the original Jack O'Lantern was not a pumpkin.The Jack O'Lantern legend goes back hundreds of years in Irish History. As the story goes, Stingy Jack was a miserable, old drunk who liked to play tricks on everyone: family, friends, his mother and even the Devil himself. One day, he tricked the Devil into climbing up an apple tree. Once the Devil climbed up the apple tree, Stingy Jack hurriedly placed crosses around the trunk of the tree. The Devil was then unable to get down the tree. Stingy Jack made the Devil promise him not to take his soul when he died. Once the devil promised not to take his soul, Stingy Jack removed the crosses and let the Devil down.
Many years later, when Jack finally died, he went to the pearly gates of Heaven and was told by Saint Peter that he was too mean and too cruel and had led a miserable and worthless life on earth. He was not allowed to enter heaven. He then went down to Hell and the Devil. The Devil kept his promise and would not allow him to enter Hell. Now Jack was scared and had nowhere to go but to wander about forever in the darkness between heaven and hell. He asked the Devil how he could leave as there was no light. The Devil tossed him an ember from the flames of Hell to help him light his way. Jack placed the ember in a hollowed out Turnip, one of his favorite foods which he always carried around with him whenever he could steal one. For that day onward, Stingy Jack roamed the earth without a resting place, lighting his way as he went with his "Jack O'Lantern".
On all Hallow's eve, the Irish hollowed out Turnips, rutabagas, gourds, potatoes and beets. They placed a light in them to ward off evil spirits and keep Stingy Jack away. These were the original Jack O'Lanterns. In the 1800's a couple of waves of Irish immigrants came to America. The Irish immigrants quickly discovered that Pumpkins were bigger and easier to carve out. So they used pumpkins for Jack O'Lanterns.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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