Monday, October 18, 2021

October...Day Eighteen...

Here's another repost...
An interview I did with Ghoul Skool :

If you haven't heard 13th Track Halloween Radio or listened to the music of Nobody Records then your missing the best part of Halloween. Read along and check out the links as we interview Mark Harvey, the Master of Music Macabre!
Q: The 13th Track is the Premiere Halloween Radio Station. Why Halloween?
A: Halloween is my favorite holiday. For years I would put together mixes of Halloween (and Christmas) music and give it to friends. A sort of music to live your holiday by. As the years went on I started collecting anything and everything Halloween audio related. As my collection grew I decided I wanted to share my collection with a broader audience so I started Halloween Radio.
Q: Your collection of Halloween related songs is staggering, how long have you been collecting them? Do you have a favorite find? Is there a favorite song associated with Halloween?
A: I've been collecting Halloween related audio for around 22 years (I'm 34 now). My favorite find is a recent one. I finally located The Munsters LP in excellent condition. This LP features the Munsters theme with lyrics. Of course now that I found one, they've been showing up left and right on eBay. It'd be tough to pick just one favorite song since I've got so many. I'm into the more fun, party side of Halloween music. Music that is good to dance to. Something to get the girls dancing!
Q: You split your record selections for the 13th Track between classics (pre-70s) and modern (post 70s), in your opinion was there a shift in the music at that time? Where do you see Halloween music headed in the future, will it be darker, more Culdee or could there be another "Monster Mash" looming on the horizon?
A: There seems to be a shift from the pre-70s to the post 70s. Music from the 70s fits better with newer music. Music from the 60s and earlier tends to fit together. I've been DJing for many years and figured that 70s and before and 70s and beyond would be the logical place to split the broadcasts. Earlier Halloween music tends to be more whimsical, while newer Halloween music a bit darker (not in all cases). As far as the future of Halloween music? I think musicians will continue to record whatever inspires them. I know there are lots of new whimsical Halloween tunes, but with society getting a bit darker I also feel that Halloween music will emulate what's going on, so it should also get darker.
Really, people record for whoever they think their audience is, even if it is just for themselves. When I record my music I record the music for myself and hope that there is someone out there that can relate to what I'm doing. So far so good. As far as another "Monster Mash" on the horizon, I doubt it. Songs like that one come around once in a lifetime. Of all the emails I get, "Monster Mash" is still the most requested song. I'm still trying to write a song that rivals it. Hopefully someday I'll succeed!
Q: Nobody Records is a unique name, oft times there is a special meaning linking the name to the owner is it so in your case? How long has Nobody Records been in business? Where are you located?
A: Back in the late 80's my band, The Screaming Paisleys, needed a record label name to release our debut LP "EXIT" on. I had a band mascot (if you will) that I called Nobody - a no eyes, nose or mouth doll. I liked the name and it seemed to fit and it has stuck now for 16+ years. The label is located in Northern California near Oakland.
Q: The artists on your label are truly talented, how do you find them or do they find you? Do you solicit material from new acts or do you create them?
A: I've found most of the artists on my label. I do accept unsolicited material and I've signed acts who've submitted demos. Much of what is on my label has some connection to me - either I am the band or part of the band or good friends with the band. My goal is to be able to someday add many more artists to the label and get affiliated with a major label.
Q: Have you been associated with providing music for the dark ride industry? If so, in what fashion?
A: I've created many custom tracks for the dark amusement industry. People from all over the world contact me for specialized tracks. It helps that I am a haunter and dark rider. I understand what it takes to put on a good show. Music, in my opinion, is the least considered, but the most effective aspect of any dark attraction. I like to see floor plans, understand the themes or gag in each space. Then I create a track that immerses the visitor in the desired location. Right now I am working with a dark ride company in the Middle East. Another goal of mine is to work for an amusement company putting together tracks for rides, theme parks and events.
Q: Do you do anything special for Halloween such as parties, haunts or charitable functions?
A: Yes. Each year I put on a haunt for children called "Pumpkinland" (named after my CD series). Children enter free and I collect canned goods or small donations for an entrance fee from the adults. All proceeds benefit the Davis Street Community Center in San Leandro, CA. Last year I wasn't able to put "Pumpkinland" together, but plan on getting it back up and running this October. I've got many new pneumatic props (built by Brent Ross, Devious Concoctions) and look forward to putting on a professional show for the kids this year.
Q: Is there a special Halloween memory that remains with you?
A: Yes. Trick or Treating as a kid. I have many fond memories of combing the hillsides in San Carlos, CA with my friends in search of candy and good scares. It was safe back then to wander around until all hours of the night with your friends. We'd come home with pillow cases full of candy. I also loved carving Jack-O-Lanterns, visiting Half Moon Bay, CA and decorating the house for Halloween. The new fond memories of Halloween include meeting Rob Zombie, Karen Black, Bill Moseley and Alyson Hannigan at Universal Studios. They all did radio spots for Halloween Radio and received copies of my Pumpkinland CD and my band, Rain Station's CD, DARK RIDE. I also enjoy visiting local haunts and hearing the tracks I've created for them in action.

And that's it folks...repost du jour...hope you enjoyed it and keep visiting Mark Harvey World each day during the month of October.

Hallowe'en Greetings!

Mark Harvey
(the picture to the left is me at a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay)

Sunday, October 17, 2021

October...Day Seventeen...

Greetings friends and fiends,

As many of you might have guessed I'm a HUGE fan of Jack O' Lanterns and pumpkins in general. These are some seed packets I found a bit ago.  I guess I liked the packaging and decided to not get rid of them...

It may have been the Fall days over in Half Moon Bay as a kid - running around the pumpkin patches. That was always one of my favorite things to do as a kid.

For some reason, pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns make me feel warm and peaceful. The orange glow of a candlelit Jack O' Lantern and some creepy music is about all I need for a seasonal treat.

What's YOUR favorite Halloween decoration? What do you need out to make your Season complete?

Have a listen to "The Pumpkin Patch" from my first Pumpkinland CD (here).

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

Saturday, October 16, 2021

October...Day Sixteen...

Hi there,
Last night I decided to override the calls for animated Halloween fare for a classic monster movie that I knew none of my kids had watched. The 1954 Universal Pictures classic Creature from the Black Lagoon.
As a kid this movie made a huge impact on me as it was the first 3D movie I had ever watched. Growing up in San Carlos, CA was pretty cool.  We had a great theater, The Laurel, that played a whole array of cool movies. I saw so many classics there, but Creature from the Black Lagoon is WAY up there on the list due to the new 3D experience it offered this monster kid.
Normally I'll check Common Sense Media (here) before I put a movie on as my recollection of movies can sometimes be FAR different than the reality of what I'm putting on. In this case, I didn't because I wanted to get the show started. I checked today and saw that the movie isn't rated there so...
OK...the movie is classic and even when my 11 year old balked at a "black and white movie" it didn't take long for her to get into it. My 6 year old was entranced from the start. All of the aquarium scenes and the overall vibe made it an easy "monster movie" to watch with them. My wife even watched some of it and seemed to like it. They are all swimmers and the movie has a lot of swimming in it. It was funny...every time they called the Creature "Gill Man" I'd think of "The Gilman" in Berkeley...
There was one moment in the movie that bummed my 6 year old out and he talked about it again today, but overall he said he thought the movie was cool and he liked the Creature. We talked about the "dog scene" and the fact that the dog was probably faking being dead...

My band, Rain Station, wrote a song about the Creature...check it out...

Hope you and yours are getting to watch a little bit of Halloweenie cinema this month.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

Friday, October 15, 2021

October...Day Fifteen...

Greetings and salutations,

I'm a big fan of being clean and smelling good and although I'm not a huge pumpkin spice guy, I do like pumpkin "things" (big Jack O'Lantern fan). 

I waited until today to open up a Dr. Squatch Soap bar that I had purchased a bit ago (in a large pack).  Drunk'n Pumpkin is made of Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Natural Fragrance, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pumpkin Butter, Yarrow, Sea Salt,

Charcoal and Mica. 

The scent is masculine - woodsy, spicy (I'm picking up clove), but not overpowering.  It rises off well. I don't pick up too much pumpkin scent and not sure what the "drunk'n" part is, but overall I dig it.

If you haven't tried their soap I suggest you do. Click here to visit the Dr. Squatch website.

I sourced some bars of this soap and they're selling for $35 or so on eBay (yikes). Dr. Squatch bars tend to go for around $7 plus shipping.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

Thursday, October 14, 2021

October...Day Fourteen...

Good evening and Halloween salutations,

Last evening I celebrated the 21st anniversary of Rain Station's DARK RIDE CD. It has been some time since I had listened to the album in its entirety. I decided to log onto Spotify and play it from there ("hey, we got one more listener..oh wait, that's me..."). 

It was fun to listen to the tracks in order.  The album has a nice flow to it and thinking about the making of the album was a lot of fun. Even though it was years ago, the memories of making are still very strong.

Strange thing I noticed.  Spotify altered the album art. For some reason

they removed the tracks, the word "Halloweenolicious" and the information about Halloween Radio. 


If you haven't hear the album yet...have a listen. I still have a ton of CDs available so if you're interested, message me.  I'll make you a deal and you can own one of only 999 discs made.

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

October...Day Thirteen...Rain Station's DARK RIDE turns 21!!!

Greetings fellow ghouls,

It is VERY hard to believe that TWENTY ONE years ago Jay and I released Rain Station's DARK RIDE and after 21 years I'm still as excited about this CD as I was when it was released.  Let's rewind the's the back story (for those who don't know).
Back in the Fall of 2000 (Due to my online presence on Halloween Radio) I was invited to The Universal Studios Hollywood Eyegore Awards. The Universal Studios Hollywood Eyegore Awards are presented for achievement in the horror and sci-fi genre. So, on Friday, October 13th Jay and I trekked down to LA to be there, interview some folks and get some station IDs for as well as interview some of the winners for an article that I wrote.  For some reason I still can't seem to find the article, but I'll keep digging so I can post it here.

The winners that night were:
* Joss Whedon
* Casts of Buffy and Angel
* Karen Black
* Gloria Stewart
* "The Undertaker"

I knew I was going to be meeting some people that night (Rob Zombie, Karen Black, Alyson Hannigan, Bill Moseley, Joss Whedon and more) and I figured it would be cool to record a Halloween CD to hand out to the folks we meet - you know, see if we can land that big record deal or get our music placed in a horror film, on TV...something. Rob Zombie had recently launched his Zombie A-Go-Go Record label (now inactive) and since I've always been a fan of HALLOWEEN and rockabilly (gothabilly) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to push out another CD in 2000 (we had released "Stonedozer" earlier that year). So Jay and I put this together quick style and did what we set out to do. Funny how I remember working at the Gelb Music consignment shop and writing lyrics.  I had rough mixes on cassette and an old tape player. In between customers and phone calls I'd try and pen lyrics.  I remember being a bit frantic since I knew we had a deadline and I agreed to work extra shifts to cover a vacation. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when I record - or at least I try to be - and in this case DARK RIDE just wasn't going to get the time I would normally put into a CD.  Amazing enough the disc turned out despite lack of time. Once we got back to the Bay Area from the "gig" we decided that the CD was pretty good so we mastered the disc with George Horn (Chief Mastering Engineer) at Fantasy Records in Berkeley, CA.
It still amazes me that we recorded this entire CD in probably two or three weeks. The disc got some great reviews as well...and although I know I've blogged this far too many times, here goes again (the reviews):

Underground DJ from Haunted Attraction Magazine

Now it is time to run away and join the carnival. "Step right up and see the amazing, the unbelievable, the available for your attraction CD, DARK RIDE by Rain Station." A journey through a veritable midway of new music written for old pretzel rides. The use of sound effects is limited only to those that help create the feel of the piece. The styles of music range widely from Heavy Metal beats through old time Rock and Roll to the almost cutesy Trick Or Treatin'. This nostalgically fun selection, took me back to my early days as a young zombie, heading out on Halloween with the lust for candy in my heart. The CD would be great for line entertainment or a party, with a little bit for every taste and some of the beats are infectious.

Larry McKenzie

DARK RIDE by Rain Station is one of the most unique Halloween music CDs I have ever heard. DARK RIDE has 13 music tracks. Each track is a good mixture for Halloween. A bit mysterious and dark, yet very fun. The DARK RIDE CD would be great for an adult Halloween party. If you are a Halloween enthusiast and are looking for more Halloween music for your collection, you should visit and listen to the MP3 samples from the DARK RIDE CD. I am happy to have this CD as part of my Halloween music collection. I sincerely recommend visiting Nobody Records and listen to a track or two.

Underground Entertainment

(This) offering is more of a Halloween party CD, especially suited to be played in queue lines or on the midways of Scream Parks. It contains thirteen tracks of rock/alternative style music with Halloween themes. You'll find titles such as "Monster Hunter", "Haunted Man", "Black Lagoon", "Trick or Treatin'", and "Broom Hopping". This one is fun and is a CD that should be added to the collection of anyone interested in assembling a music anthology of Halloween related material.

Chaotic Order

Curious mix of Porno for Pyros and White Collar Crime with a penchant for Halloween. Best use would be on the soundtrack for the upcoming Scooby Doo movie.

Happy Halloween Magazine

Looking for a Halloween CD with an edge, this is the one to get. Available from Nobody Records, Rain Station's Dark Ride packs a gritty, heavy metal sound that conjures an auditory image of purgatory. While this is not normally the type of music I listen to, for works! The raspy vocals lend a dark, almost visceral feel to the accompanying music. Contains 13, new, original hits...

Jay made some "videos" for some of the tracks on DARK RIDE. Check all of them out here.
DARK RIDE is one of my all time favorite projects. Perhaps it is because we didn't over analyze it, we had a timeline and had to bang it out. Perhaps it was because we got to be completely goofy. Rain Station music can sometimes be awfully serious and this disc is nothing but pure fun. Perhaps it was the thrill of getting to give copies of our CD to folks like Rob Zombie and Karen Black. Perhaps it was the Halloween theme.

The road trip to Universal Studios with Jay is a very fond memory for me. It felt like we were on tour.

JackOLantern.ORG Animation from J.E.Moores on Vimeo.

Mark Harvey

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

October...Day Twelve...

Good evening,

It was back in 2012 that this Rain Station cartoon video was brought to life. Jay pulled an all nighter... all morninger to put this video out. Here's the video - SCIENCE!!!
"Science!!!" by Rain Station was recorded on 10/02/10 (hard to believe it was over 11 years ago).  Here's the back story: "Jay and I got together so I could record vocals on a new song, "Complicated Man?", but I knew we needed to try and get a new Halloween track done. After trying to program drums for the new track Jay took a look at some of the drum beats he had recorded.

The process for "Criminal Goat" and our upcoming CD starts with Jay recording drum beats and then I'll add bass, guitar, keyboards and whatever else the tune needs. Jay will write lyrics and record other instruments and then we'll see what else we need to do. After hearing Jay's drum beat yesterday I recorded keyboards, guitar and then started thinking about what to write lyrically. Jay suggested that the song reminded him of a mad scientist and my mind took off - the pencil hardly keeping up with my mind. I recorded vocals and then Jay and I recorded some "weird" vocals to back up the track. We always have fun recording, but we get a kick out of the strangeness that comes out when we're recording a Halloween track.
So, the tradition continues with "Science!!!" a Rain Station Halloween track for 2010."

and check out the tune below...

Happy haunting!

Mark Harvey

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