Friday, June 17, 2011

Flying East (a song about wanting to leave the Bay Area)

Hey there everyone! WOO HOO...(alright, calm down, Mark)...

Well, now that I've gotten that out of my system I'm going to post a song (imagine that) about leaving the Bay Area to go on a trip. The song was recorded on my 8-track while doing my solo thing as mopehead. The track was recorded at the original Pumpkinland Studios in Oakland. I was working for the good guys! as the Service Manager dealing with all sorts of crazy people drama and while I was driving home I just thought..."hey...what if I just drifted off and...". So I knew I needed to take a break and get my head straight. My buddy Jay had moved to New York and was living in a surreal mansion (the photo was taken from the rooftop of the mansion) on Staten Island. I thought it was time to visit him, see his cat Spim, check out the mansion and chill like we do.
During that trip we video taped the now infamous (and famous) edited version of The SOB Puppet Hour.  If you haven't seen it (and you don't FEAR it) c'mon over and FREAK OUT with us...

The video is a hoot - check it out.

SOB Puppet Hour from JEMoores on Vimeo.
So it isn't always wine, cheese and roses (or beer) in Northern California, but as I've said in the past two posts I ALWAYS love coming back.

As many of you know Jay and his family have since moved back to the Bay Area and even though I don't get to see him as often as I'd like (every day would be nice) it is nice to know he's here in the place I love and call home.  
I need to go see him...STAT.
Have a great weekend everyone...there's a lot of love....a lot of love...

Mark Harvey

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