Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Place Else (NorCal, baby)

Well gosh...

I noticed my last post was back in late May so I thought I should celebrate.  Celebrate you say?  Well, yes.  I've been travelling a lot lately and haven't had any time to blog. I am celebrating being back at home (even if it is only for a short time). I am celebrating being back in the BAY AREA.  I am extremely NorCal centric and not apologetic about it at all.  I was born and raised here.  No matter where I travel it always feels good to get off a plane in Oakland or San Francisco knowing I'm HOME.  The cool foggy air is the perfect greeting.
I was recently in Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL.  I've found that when I travel to places that have weather (tornadoes mostly) the folks there talk about the fact that they'd rather have tornadoes versus earthquakes.  What blows my mind is the fact that we RARELY have earthquakes.  Tornadoes occur EVERY YEAR as do hurricanes and other types of severe weather.  I guess since I've lived through a few I don't fear them.  I guess the randomness of earthquakes is what scares people.  There's notice of most other types of weather. This photo was taken on the way to Huntsville.  This whole place was thrashed.  Really sad.
One of the nice things about travelling is trying new things and getting to have those things that you can't get 'round home.  One of the staples for me (when they're available) is Cracker Barrel.  The closest one to where I live is in Arizona.  Whenever I travel I check to see if there's a Cracker Barrel nearby.  A few years ago while travelling with a co-worker who is located in Tennessee I made him visit Cracker Barrel way too many times (for his taste). He would exclaim to other co-workers, "That Mark Harvey loves himself some Cracker Barrel" (said in a Southern accent).  Well, yes, I do love me some Cracker Barrel. I think we ate at one about three times during the week I spent working with him. He sent me a $10 gift card after the trip.  I held onto that gift card and a couple of years after receiving it I finally got to use it.
My favorite meal at Cracker Barrel is the grilled chicken tenderloin with their hashbrown casserole, country green beans, salad and corn bread.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I figure if I lived any closer to a Cracker Barrel I'd end up HUGE.  One a family vacation in Utah I made my family drive about an hour to a Cracker Barrel for not one, but I believe three meals.

OK, well, moving's tune is "No Place Else" taken from Rain Station's Stonedozer CD.  This is a NorCal centric tune for sure.  I'll post some others I written about loving where I live!

Enjoy the is good to be back!

Mark Harvey

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