Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Can Count On Me

Hello friends,

Here's another old track from "Cheer Up My Camp" called "You Can Count On Me".  This song was written (about what else) a girl.  This girlfriend this song is about went away on a long trip and I was worried that the influence of the friends she was travelling with would hurt our relationship.  I've never been good with separation which might have to do with the fact that I am adopted (who knows).  I don't do well when away from those I love.  My mind tends to go the the dark places - betrayal, loss, I guess my imagination is just too active.

This song brings back those memories of being left - even for a time.  The worry I had that she'd not come back.  The worry that she was seeing that life without me was better than with me.  Insecurities galore.  She did end up leaving me (as they all do) and many of my mopehead tunes are about her.

OK, now that the wound is reopened I'll close this bleed in alone.

Mark Harvey

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