Saturday, April 09, 2011

Zappin' with "Forget The World"

Hello there friends, fiends and cohorts,

A while back my buddy Jay purchased a download of instrumental mopehead volume two and I was confused.  He's my best friend and I would never expect him to pay for my music.  So I asked and he said he needed the music for a project and he didn't mind paying for my music (which I do appreciate, but...).  Anyhow, he emailed and...(no drum roll necessary, really) here's the video he put it in! This instructional video features "Forget The World".

How to Zap from Frequency Generation on Vimeo.
Now I HIGHLY recommend going to his Frequency Generation website and reading about frequency zappers.

"Forget The World" was intended on being non-instrumental (I have lyrics), but I never got around to recording them and rather than having the tune languish in the old archives I added it to instrumental mopehead volume two.

Have a listen to the tunes on instrumental mopehead volume two...if you need tunes for a project, just let me know...I love to have my music put to video.

Have a great evening,

Mark Harvey

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