Friday, April 01, 2011

Captain Island

Happy April Fool's Day!
Did anyone play a prank on you today?  There were some failed attempts in my world, but I sniffed them out pretty early, played along a little and then eventually crushed the would be pranksters.  There were also some posted signs at work that created quite a stir...I became the sign police...lame...but all in all a fun day.
I never realize when I record music that at some point it can all be compiled to create a concept "album", but it would seem that has occurred a few times now.  In today's case, SS-MOPEHEAD and strange songs..."From the land of Yarn comes the tale of Captain Sinkwright, Sleepy Pete Ocean Sheep, and the Fish. This 14 song CD tells of the Captain's relentless search for the Fish and of his love for the Ocean Sheep...".
One of the "more accessible tracks on the CD is an instrumental called "Captain Island"...have a listen...let me know what you think...

This quirky disc is fun to listen to when "normal" music is just not enough...PLUS with this being April Fool's Day perhaps you should venture out and try a little strangeness.  Yeah?  Good.

Mark Harvey
Purveyor of some strange musics

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