Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Give The World" new Rain Station video

Good morning everyone,

I'm starting the day with a little video Jay made for "Give The World".

Give The World from JEMoores on Vimeo.

Here's Jay's thoughts on this track: "Give the World is me pep talking me. Art is a strange thing. Not only do you have to create art, you have to also charge it with power. Give it a story, lore, or news worthy side note beyond the art piece itself. Often it is the artist for sale not the work. People have to shake hands to transfer some of that power. I met him, I like him sort of stuff. Public performances and displays are a big hand shake. Ever wonder when you like something, what gives it that power? How do you give something that power? You’ve got a lot to give the world."

Enjoy your day!

Mark Harvey

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