Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No More - beware of the repost!

Greetings everyone,

I've been putting tracks up on Bandcamp and the latest to make it up there is "No More" an unreleased mopehead track.  There is a secret link on this post where you can download this track for free.  See if you can find it.

From the previous post..."Years ago I did a lot of recording when I was sick - at home from work - and bored. This is one of those sick during the Winter tracks I recorded back then. Nowadays I don't ever call in sick unless I am too sick to move. Staying at home just isn't an option anymore.

I can picture the old San Leandro house and this song brings me back to those days. My studio was SUPER cold and the old windows would frost up, but I wanted the fresh air so it was a toss up - fresh air vs. fogged damp warmth. The lyrics talking about "and they live their lives in a fog. They're killin' trees and owning dogs. Pave away the Earth. You were here first. Angry villagers outside an open window" are about Jay's neighbors in Alameda who moved in, brought their loud dog, cut down a super ancient tree and wanted to just concrete their way into oblivion. They had moved from the City (SF) and I guess they weren't use to the trees or the joy of Alameda's lush vegetation. It started out friendly, but quickly turned. Jay would loudly exclaim his frustration with them - the angry villager outside the open window, or in the backyard or anywhere within earshot. They didn't come by Jay's house no more. These neighbors eventually moved."

It is fun for me to listen to old tunes.  I hope you like this one.

Mark Harvey

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