Monday, February 28, 2011

Float Away

Hello...and greetings...

There are some people you meet in life who set sail without a care in the world.  They don't seem to worry about where the currents will take them, what port they end up in and they live life without the cares that some of us have.  I've always been the sort that likes the security that a stable life brings.  And although there are times that I wish I could just set sail and worry about tomorrow tomorrow, that's not how my brain works.  I know I have responsibilities.  I have people that depend on me and I live life to be sure I don't let those people down.

I do think about what life at sea would be like.  I like to drift into that reality every now and again.  Setting sail mentally is healthy.  Breaking from the traditional.  Falling into the ocean.  If only in my dreams.

I thought I'd post an old track. This song is fitting for my mood right now.  Have a listen...float away with me.

Thanks for reading...and hopefully listening...

Mark Harvey

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