Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rain Station at Labtones

Greetings all,

Here at the Rain Station we get loads of emails asking us to join music communities.  Every now and again I'll post music on another site just to help spread the good word.  In this case, Labtones (from the UK) seemed to be a pretty good fit for Rain Station so we're there now.  Click here to visit our profile page and VOTE for our tunes.  Here's a litte more about Labtones from their site...

"Labtones is the online network for independent artists and listeners. For listeners it is a place do discover new music, give ratings, become friends with other music lovers, communicate, exchange mixtapes, etc. Artists are given the opportunity to share their music, receive ratings from a group of critical music lovers, communicate with their fans, view statistics on their listeners, etc. Labtones is a place where the love for creative music comes first. We believe in the possibities of using new media to get that music from the right people to the right people! 

Labtones is created as a promotional site for Independent artists worldwide. Our goal is to allow musicians the opportunity to promote their music to a global audience. We aim to Inspire, Educate, Empower & Entertain users of the Labtones website & to encourage more people to take up music making as either a means of recreation & enjoyment or as a career & business. We aim to create opportunities for collaborations by musicians free of the tyranny of distance, opening up new opportunities for musical influences & friendships thus leading to a greater understanding of the art."

Rain Station appreciates all the support we've been shown over the years.


Mark Harvey

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