Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If Rain Station had an iPhone app would you want it?

I guess the first question is...do you have an iPhone or an iTouch?  If the answer is no...well...at the end of this entry I'll have a video for you to enjoy (so keep reading). If you DO have one of those...would you want a Rain Station app on your Apple device?  I'm sure you're thinking...well, I haven't given it any thought, Mark.  Why would I want a Rain Station app on my iPhone or iTouch?  I can tell you, you WOULD want a Rain Station app.  Just think - you can carry Jay and I everywhere you go! We will travel along with you in your pocket, on your hip or in your backpack or purse.  Just think, you're hiking the Andes and we're there...helping you reach new heights.  Or you're cruising' around Morocco and we're cruising' along with you.  Who knows, maybe we can help you make new friends.  Jay and I would like nothing more than to be a part of your adventures, your life.  So, think about it...who needs a Rain Station app?  YOU DO!

You better believe I'll post something once the app is available.  Once available at the App Store I ask that you and anyone you know who has an iPhone or iTouch download the app. Jay and I want you to carry us around.

Until next time,

Mark Harvey

For those of you who hung in there during this post...here's the video I promised...

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