Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cheer Up My Camp - the CD (or download)


I decided to put a bunch of old mopehead tunes together and call the project "Cheer Up My Camp" - a title of one of the tracks on this new/old project.  These songs were only put onto cassette and then a few made it onto CDs I'd give some of my friends who'd ask to hear them (those who knew the songs from the cassettes).  Most of these songs are acoustic - all of them are in the real mopehead tradition of being a little on the sad side. A review from years ago - Lycos MP3Central says of mopehead..."Psychedelic effects lend these admittedly mopey songs the lackadaisically sad quality of Spirit's "Nature's Way." Dreamy, dazed male vocals, prominent acoustic guitar and tie-dyed acoustic oddities. Try to imagine the Flaming Lips simply smoldering.  ..."
Now they are on Bandcamp for all to hear. Have a listen to the tunes below:

Give it a listen - let me know what you think.  Please, do me a favor and comment on these blog posts...sometimes I think I'm just talking to myself (and that's no fun - plus, people might think I am crazier than I really am).

Mark Harvey

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