Monday, January 10, 2011


Are you or is someone you know an independent filmmaker? Or  perhaps you know a filmmaker who is not indie?  Perhaps you know someone in TV? Radio?

Send them over to Mark Harvey's World.  Have them click one of the links below to have a listen to the instrumental music Nobody Records has to offer.  I'm looking to have my music placed and heard.

instrumental mopehead is the first of the instrumental series I released

instrumental mopehead volume two is the latest release

Pumpkinland is the first Halloween release -scarier music for scarier music needs

Pumpkinland II - more of the scary

Pumpkinland III - the final Hauntscape...for now

A few unreleased tracks

Nobody Records has songs with lyrics- LOTS of music.  Rain Station, mopehead, Beth Eyre and Month of Sundays.  If you find yourself seeking music - get in touch.  I'd love to talk to you!

Mark Harvey
Placing music - one song at a time

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