Saturday, January 08, 2011

instrumental mopehead volume two

Happy weekend everyone!

Years ago I released "instrumental mopehead" a collection of instrumental songs I had.  Most of my instrumental tunes weren't intended to be that way (except for the Pumpkinland CDs), but they morph into that due to lack of lyric ideas or they stand alone well without words. 

Well, I put together the next grouping of instrumental songs so here's "instrumental mopehead volume two"...

Some of these songs are VERY old and none of them were recorded beyond 2002.  So they are a bit nostalgic for me.  The artwork at this point is merely a place saver as I am hoping one of my artist friends can come up with something better. Please have a listen and comment.  Artists are fueled by patronage and the knowledge that someone is enjoying what I do is highly valuable to me.

As usual with a New Year comes a renewed interest in getting my studio back up and running so I can record some new music in my home environment.  We will see if 2011 bring that.

Have a great weekend!

Mark Harvey

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