Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rain Station's NEW CD - tenatively titled "Underground"

Holiday Greetings one and all....
I just stopped by to post about Rain Station's new album, "Underground"...well, at least that's the name we're going with for now.  If anyone reading this wants to have a listen and give us some thoughts on what you think the disc should be our guest.

You can listen to

I made up this quick CD art for Bandcamp.  The mix is a little rough here and there and I'm not completely happy with it so I plan to get back over to Jay's place to do a little more work on it.
I asked my friend John Pearson to have a listen to it the disc and see if he can create some album art for us.  We'll see if the music inspires him (or if he runs for the hills).

Anyhow, please have a listen, comment and tell us what you do and don't like, what we should name the project and if YOU are an artist and would like to try your hand at some album art, we'd LOVE to see it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Mark Harvey

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