Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22nd....eBay for Halloween

Happy Friday everyone,

I've been using eBay since it began.  I recall some of the rare finds I've made there - incredible LPs that are very rare.  It all started when I began searching for a copy of Disney's Haunted Mansion LP.  As a kid I had a copy, but my Mom in an attempt to rid our house of all EVIL LPs threw it out (my poor sisters lost A LOT of LPs...Led Zeppelin, Bad Company...and so many more).  It was a phase in my life where celebrating Halloween was OK just as long as you had nothing evil or dark associated with it...uh...OK... (I'll blog about that another time).

So, I began searching on the Internet to see if I could find a copy of it.  I found a guy named Jeff Baham who was running a little site about Disney's Haunted Mansion.  That site has gotten HUGE (here). Jeff suggested eBay and so I surfed over there to see what eBay was all about.  Talk about SCORE.  I now own several copies of Disney's Haunted Mansion LP and NO ONE is going to take them from me ever again!

In 1999 at the urging of my friends I started selling Pumpkinland on eBay.  The results were overwhelming and I ended up replicating the CD (I couldn't keep up the manufacturing of the CD on my own). So now every Halloween season I go back to eBay and sell some of my CDs at a discount. This year is no exception.

On sale now at eBay... (with about two days left)

Pumpkinland (here)
Rain Station's DARK RIDE (here)

Fleshrot: Songs from the Dead (here)

You can download the CDs or you can buy the physical copies - support indie music.

Mark Harvey

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