Friday, September 03, 2010

Trick or Treatin' - yeah, it is September..what of it?

I want to start of this entry with a link - click it and enjoy one of my favorite tracks (and video) from Rain Station's DARK RIDE CD...Trick or Treatin' (here). Jay has created a bunch of really cool Flash animated videos for DARK RIDE and they can all be seen at (here). You'll love all the videos off the DARK RIDE CD!

My blog says, "in my world it tends to be Halloween much of the time" and although I think about the Fall and Halloween a lot throughout the year come September I start to REALLY get psyched about Halloween. I keep waiting for the "Back to School" stuff to disappear and the Halloween goods to come out. Halloween music has started playing (both at work and at home)and I'm getting ideas on the 2010 Halloween compilation disc I put together.

I finally got the Animated Rising Reaper With Pumpkin I was looking at last season (pictured above on the left) - a sort of lame prop that I saw at the Spirit Halloween store. I found it on sale and I just decided to get the darn thing. Of course I like it, it has a pumpkin, right? I ordered two Jack-O-Lantern Fog machine "accessory" (also pictured left) that attach to fog machines. Check out the video of the Jack-O-Lantern Fog machine "accessory"in action here.

I am working on getting both Pumpkinland II and Pumpkinland III up for download and should complete that tonight or over the weekend (the original Pumpkinland will also go up, but that might take a little longer). My friend Lev Perrey has mastered both discs for me, but I've failed to provide him with a clean copy of one of the tracks so the process of making "physical" product has failed so far - one reason to make the discs downloadable for now. My friend John Pearson has created the new CD art for both discs to give them a more creepy feel. The first Pumpkinland, Fleshrot: Song of the Dead and Rain Station's DARK RIDE are all available in physical form at Halloween Radio (here). The downloadable discs will be available here shortly.
Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! Halloween is COMING!!!

Mark Harvey

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