Friday, August 27, 2010

Rain Station Rain Station Rain Station

Rain%20StationQuantcastHappy Friday everyone! Did I mention Rain Station is on ReverbNation?

Well, sometimes it is good to just keep telling folks about something and in this case, Rain Station is a good thing to tell people about. Have you had a listen? What's your favorite song? Have you mentioned us to your friends? Are you rich and want to support two grown men and their families?

So...anyhow, I've managed to get two Rain Station CDs uploaded to ReverbNation - download at will! $9.99 for Stonedozer or DARK RIDE. You can also buy them on CD from us at (here) if you prefer to have the tangible disc. Next up - this weekend - I'll have Criminal Goat, Fancy Fancy and The Living Room Sessions up at ReverbNation in both forms - download and tangible disc. I've not produced these three CDs in tangible format as I was making them by hand so I'll let the folks over at ReverbNation take over that gig. So, if you're hankerin' for a hunk of us Rain Station boys, go git it!

Mark Harvey
Rain%20StationQuantcast Quantcast

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