Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New format for Rain Station music

Hey there kids!
I don't think ya'll have gotten enough Rain Station lately (have you?)! I'm getting more of our music out into the world and this time via ReverbNation (here). Jay and I have been talking about the fact that we need to get our music placed in some more independent films (major motion pictures would be nice as well) and on TV (again). I want folks to hear our music so if anyone reading this has suggestions - heck - I'm all ears!
I've contacted iTunes a few times trying to get some music placed there to no avail. I've decided to work harder towards getting the music up on as many sites that allow downloads as possible. I believe this music needs to be heard.

If you would, send as many people this way...if they don't like the tunes, no big deal. If they do, well maybe we'll have a groundswell of people that will make someone take notice of what we're doing. Jay and I would like nothing more than to know people are enjoying what we do. All about the BUZZ you see.

Become a "fan" on ReverbNation (here) , find us on Facebook and "like" us (here). Send everyone you know there. Grandma will love us...we're good boys!

Join the MOVEMENT!

Rain Station is GO!

Mark Harvey

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