Thursday, July 15, 2010

Imagine that...July...

So...I have failed miserably at blogging regularly. My last post was February, but a lot has happened since I last posted. On March 27th my third child was born. She's such a joy and it is so strange having an infant in the house once again. The delivery was quick and Mama and baby did great. Now fast forward to today and I can't believe how time flies...busy at work, busy at time for much blogging, no recording, no playing guitar. I did manage to go on vacation to Hawai'i (visited Kaua'i), go to a few baseball games and watch my eldest child play both basketball and softball.

So July...over half past 2010. I'm excited tonight because tomorrow morning I head over to Jay's house to record s'more. Rain Station rides again!!!

That's all for now. It is late, I'm tired, but I blogged.

So there.
Mark Harvey

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