Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hello October 1st!

Today is the first day of October. Now we can begin...(drum roll please)

I believe this is my second year blogging everyday in October and participating in this Halloween extravaganza and I'll tell ya, it is a REAL challenge, but it is very much worth it. The other folks (listed below) that are participating are amazing folks and you can enjoy their treats each day during October and beyond. Updated links will be available at Countdown to Halloween (click here).
This season I plan on posting some of my articles, music reviews, music to download, random photos (both old and new) and whatever comes to mind.
Below are links to great places on this weird-wide web who'll be posting something each day as we COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN.
Enjoy this wonderful month of October and please stop by each day to see what's next here at...(drum roll again, please) MARK HARVEY'S WORLD.

Mark Harvey
(this photo taken on Halloween when I was in high school. On my left is Brent Willson and on my left Scott Rehlaender. The photo made it into the school newspaper.)

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