Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Approaches! Happy Fall!

I really wanted to get this out yesterday, but just didn't have the chance last night to bust out my first blog entry for Autumn (or for the past month plus). Since the last time I wrote here I've been extremely busy both at work and at home and since I struggled to think about what to write I just kept quiet. I did go to Hawai'i with my family for ten days in August - first to Oahu and then to the Big Island. We had a nice time, great snorkeling, beaches, site seeing, etc...
And now, FALL is upon us. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons. I'm not a big fan of hot weather and although the Bay Area tends to heat up this time of year, I know that soon we will have the October chill that leads us into the Holiday season. I prefer an equal cycle of day and night as well. And Halloween being my favorite Holiday...well, I think you get the picture...
What surprised me this year was all of the early Halloween releases. I was in Target sometime in early September and they already had Halloween clothes out for the kids. I usually purchase a few articles of clothing for the kids each year since this IS the time to get it and I like to dress my kids in Halloween garb just because I wish I had the ability to wear a skeleton or pumpkin shirt around all the time. Kids can get away with so much. I made a trek to the local Dollar Store and found a lot of pretty cool things there. That's just the start. I plan to visit nearly every store that carries Halloween items (as I do every year) in the coming weeks to get set for my favorite day.
Last year I joined a bunch of like minded folks to do a Countdown to Halloween (2008) and plan to do the same this year. Every day of October I'll post a blog entry...and blogging everyday is a challenge! Once the list is released on October 1st I'll post the links here. Check out the sites, they're fantastic!
Finally, since it is that time of year again, I've put some of my Halloween CDs up for sale at eBay. Click here to check 'em out, buy 'em, whatever you'd like to do.

We're ALMOST there folks!
Mark Harvey

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