Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Catching up (or attempting to)

Wow...time sure moves quickly...my last post was on June 20th and it seems like I've been going non-stop since then. Speaking of June 20th, I spent most of the day (and evening) over at Jay's place...recorded some music and then jammed that night at a little get together he had. The song we recorded (here) is probably my favorite to date. So far the new Rain Station recordings have been good, but I'm not sure what to think about all the songs quite yet. We have mixing work to do and we need to record some backing vocals and maybe some more instruments. Jay and I don't get to record often enough so this project is taking longer than some of the others.

Jay has posted his list of favorite tracks thus far - check them out (and download them) HERE.

And as I said, jamming was a blast. Dave Mintim came over with his bass. Jay played drums and I played guitar. We ran through some Rain Station tunes, some of Jay's tunes and some of my tunes. Jay and I switched instruments and I got to play drums for a spell. Jay took off and Dave (bass) and I (drums) jammed with Liam Casement (guitar). I love playing drums....Jay calls me leadfoot...I tell him I am from the John Bonham school of drums.

Jay is now headed to Maine with his family for a little Summer vacation so the project is going to sit for a little bit. I'm going to try and focus on getting my recording studio up and running while he's gone so we can record some music at my place when he gets back.

I went camping over the 4th of July weekend...I'll write about that next time.

Mark Harvey

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