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Fleshrot - The Bandcamp edition...

I've written about the Fleshrot disc before, but since it is up on Bandcamp I thought I would talk about it yet again (bear with me). I enjoy doing work for hire (or at least I did when my studio was operational). I like fusing ideas from other people together with my own. It is probably why I like recording with Jay so much - multiple minds on a project brings magic.

My buddy John Pearson (pictured on the left) and I had worked on a few soundtracks for video games he was making for Ra-Dev (a game development team) and he asked me to put together a CD for his graphic novel (Fleshrot:Tales from the Dead) so I accepted the challenge. I recorded a number of rockin' tracks, some ambient ones and used a couple of tracks that I had already composed. It was a very fun project.

My buddy Ed Cagnacci (All About Evil, Gary Floyd Band, Spokepoker, Charm School Dropouts - and many other bands - pictured on the left) helped me out with "Misty Graves" - and it was a little more than helping me out. He played guitar, bass and lent his vocals to the track - so the song is pretty much Ed with me on drums and backing vocals - THANKS ED, I love you, man...

Another buddy of mine, Erik Frykman (a multi-talented guitar player, a guitar "gun slinger" - pictured left) lent his guitar solo prowess to "Fleshrot Anthem", "Insatiable Hunger" and "Last Stand". His solos REALLY made the tracks POP and without them I don't know where I would have been. I love you too, Errrrrbang.

Then after the mixing was done I brought the whole project over to Lev Perrey at Title Studios to master the disc. Lev is AMAZING - ears of magic - plus he has an understanding of gear that would boggle your mind. I got a lot of luv for Lev.

The reviews came in, but here's the best (and most complete)...
Fleshrot review:
Any serious zombie fan or comic collector will now have a copy of the Fleshrot: Tales From The Dead graphic novel. The Fleshrot team don't just stop there, they like to take it up a notch by having a soundtrack as a companion piece to the comic.

The main man behind this is Mark Harvey. Mark Harvey has been writing and recording music for 17 years. He founded Nobody Records in 1987 at age 18 to promote and release his first LP. He opened Pumpkinland Studios to record various solo and band efforts. In 1999 he released his first Halloween 'HauntScape', Pumpkinland, for use in theme parks, haunted attractions and by home haunters. His work includes commercials, custom haunt tracks, soundscapes and sound effects. His work has been heard on radio, television and film. So now you know a bit more here are my notes on each track.

1) FLESHROT ANTHEM: The opening track starts of with dark instrumental and the sound of zombies, then explodes into a brilliant thrash metal experience clocking in at about just over 9 minutes!. Pure audio adrenaline.

2) THE FAMILY PLOT: The first of the ambient tracks on the album. (Originally titled "Caverns" from Mark's Pumpkinland 2 CD) Now sharing the same name as one of the darker tales in the book, this is the musical equivalent of that bad dream where you are trapped in a dark nasty place, trying to find a way out. Looking behind you the whole time.

3) THE DEAD HAVE RISEN: A short distorted guitar track with a drum n bass like feel to it. Playing over an eerie instrumental. Cool.

4) ETERNAL TORMENT: Inspired by the comic "Whatever" Written and Illustrated by Youngwoo Cho. With no actual lyrics, the tortured vocals are the zombie version of those chants wise men make when performing rituals. Set to a melancholy soundtrack.

5) DRINK TO THE DEAD: Plucking strings and rolling drums, makes for easier listening with this rock-lite celebration of the dead.

6) ZOMBIES: Exactly what it says on the tin. A dread filled musical score with an army of moaning flesh eaters. This is what the rise of the zombies would sound like.

7) INSATIABLE HUNGER: Inspired by the comic "The Collection" Written and Illustrated by John Pearson. A full on head banger with attitude and solid vocals from Nova Brown.

8) NIGHTMARE: Turn off your lights and listen to this at high volume, and enter goose bump city. (Song taken from Pumpkinland III)

9) DAY OF THE DEAD: A guitar fest with a deep bass line and gritty vocals.

10) RESTLESS SEASON: A twisted tune with spooky xylophone to boot!.

11) LAST STAND: Imagine you and a few friends are the last humans facing off an army of zombies, everything is in slow motion as you look around and it seems hopeless...Then BAM! you whip out the guns and start kicking ass big time. This song is the music version of that scenario. Awesome.

12) ZOMBIE YARD: This ambience is the sound you hear while hiding from Zombies, as they take over the earth.

13) MISTY GRAVES: If you have read the graphic novel you will know who Misty Graves is. For those who don't, she is Fleshrot's version of the Crypt keeper. The major difference being, she is a hot Goth chick and not some wise cracking bag of bones.This fast upbeat rock song is a tribute to her.

Mark Harvey and Co. have created a superb CD. Right up there with many horror sound tracks,and actually better than most of them.So if you are into rock and cool ambient tracks this will be right up your street.

Nice one.


And without further is that darn disc...

<a href=""><span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_26">Fleshrot</span> Anthem by Mark Harvey</a>
"So, do you like Zzzzzzommmmmmbaaaaayzzzz?"
Good.Rock on,
Mark Harvey

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