Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rain Station - a band from the Mission on a mission

Hey kids! Mark Harvey here with another update - a Bandcamp update. As you all know I've been gettin' as much of my music up on Bandcamp since it is pretty much the coolest thing I've found in recent years. Now, better than ever you can listen to Rain Station from my blog, put it on your website or blog and just Rain Station out! Fantastic! I decided to title this entry "Rain Station - a band from the Mission on a mission" since technically Rain Station was born out of Jay's Mission Street place. "Criminal Goat" was recorded there and from that the project Rain Station was born. Jay and I are family - brothers - and we are so pleased to share our music with you. It may not always be what is commercially popular and sometimes you have to acquire a taste for it, but believe me I am sure you'll find at least ONE track that you'll want to hear over and over. At least one. So with out further delay, have a listen (please), let me know what you think and keep Jay and I motivated to keep this little project called Rain Station moving. I will be posting these over the next few's the Criminal Goat stream...

<a href="">Sound Of The Summer by Rain Station</a>

Thanks for reading.

Mark Harvey

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