Monday, March 23, 2009

It's A Good Day - FREE MP3 - Version 2

Hey! I'm back again and I'm giving away more of my music for FREE. This is part 2 (or version 2) from the previous post. So get ready to scare the neighbors with this happiness!
Here is a FREE MP3 download of "It's A Good Day" (download here) (link disabled)taken from Rain Station's Fancy Fancy CD. It really is a mopehead track, but I recorded it with Brian Peet (drums and backing vocals - check his site here) and thought it made sense to put it on Fancy Fancy along with some of the other tracks that we recorded together - so...Rain Station. Brian had a gig working at a really nice recording studio and wanted to record a track there with me. We went through some of my old mopehead tunes and he was really psyched about recording this song (I also have a version of "He Goes To Parties" that Brian and I re-recorded). So we headed out to the studio and put this track down. Brian is a GREAT drummer (he also plays tons of other instruments - an incredible artist/talent) and we got this track done fairly quickly - with me playing the bass and guitar tracks, singing and adding hand claps - and Brian doin' his thing - drums, backing vocals and hand claps. I like this version much better than the original. Brian's production skills are top notch. I wish he was still living in the Bay Area.

This track is definitely not heavy or mellow, but actually cheery, bubbly and fun. This track more so than the first would make for a good intro song for a morning show. Today Show...I'll continue to wait...or maybe a kid's show? Anyone out there?
I hope you enjoyed PART TWO of this series.
Mark Harvey(mopehead)
Click here if you can't figure out where you're supposed to click to download the song. (link disabled)

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