Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Mark Harvey Show - FREE MP3

So here's the story of The Mark Harvey Show...the short lived, strange variety show I hosted on Viacom Cable Public Access in SF.
Jay's girlfriend (and now I quote from Jay's site here) "Louisa had been working at Viacom in their public access studio in exchange for some TV studio time. She had it all lined up to put on a gay-centric variety show hosted by Justin Bond. Just as her time slot came up, Justin landed a touring gig, and had to go. Now we had all this studio time, and no host or format. I phoned up my buddy Mark Harvey and he agrees to do a show. I end up producing, getting every talent, comic, and musician I can muster, and we tape three half-hour episodes of the Mark Harvey Show. It goes great, but Louisa and I had different opinions of where the project should go, so it never gains any momentum."
Click here to begin your video journey of The Mark Harvey Show (I will tease you with links as time goes on...)
Here is a FREE MP3 download of "The Mark Harvey Show Theme Song" (click here to download) recorded by me and my buddy Tony Iuppa (bass player from The Screaming Paisleys and my Ed McMahon on The Mark Harvey Show and pictured left). This instrumental track is unreleased. This track was recorded on my Tascam 4-track at my old place in Belmont. Drum programming and bass by Tony.

Enjoy this FREE track and drop me a comment.
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Mark Harvey
Host of The Mark Harvey Show (and still interested in hosting a show)

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