Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brar's Day Off - Part Two of a Two Part FREE MP3 Series

As promised here is the FREE MP3 download of Brar's Day Off which is an unreleased instrumental track (for good reason I might add).

The track has a sort of carnival/fair kind of vibe to it. As I wrote in my previous post my buddy Tony Iuppa and I would head off to the Exxon on University to grab candy, chips, or a Thirst Tamer (the huge soda Exxon sold back then). The night clerk was a man named Brar. "Brar's Day Off" is my celebration of his day off in Berkeley as he roamed the streets in the carefree manner only Brar could have. This is a bit of a long track and it might make you want to rip your head off (you've been warned). can always play it at your next kid's party. Whichever you chose...chose well...

I hope he enjoys all of his days off.


Mark Harvey(mopehead)
Click here if you can't figure out where you're supposed to click to download the song.

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