Friday, November 28, 2008

Brar's Song - Part One of a Two Part FREE MP3 Series

Hello again...Mark Harvey here. Hope your Thanksgiving was excellent! I'm giving away more of my music for FREE. Why not, right? I wanted to toss out another amount of the "heavy mellow" lo-fi music I spent years recording. As you know I got around to ripping a bunch of my old CDs and have been putting them onto my iPod. I figure I should give away some of these tracks (particularly the music I have never released) and maybe some of these songs might end up on your iPod. HEY...scare your friends!

Here is a FREE MP3 download of Brar's Song which is an unreleased track. Back in my college days my buddy Tony Iuppa lived in Berkeley (he went to CAL). I spent a decent amount of time over at his place hanging out with Tony...being vague. It was through Tony that I met Jay (they were roommates). Anyhow, late into the evening we would often want a snack or a soda and we would head off to the Exxon on University to grab something (candy, chips, a Thirst Tamer). The night clerk was a man named Brar. Brar seemed like an interesting fellow and he became a part of our night time ritual. I named my Lava Lamp after him. I wrote this song about him. "I also wrote Brar's Day Off" which will be part two of this FREE MP3 extravaganza! Often times we would become fixated with strange things...I guess nothing has changed, really...
The odd pictures I've posted were created at a website that I was recently turned on to. They are pretty funny (in my opinion).

Look out for PART TWO (and more of these doctored class pictures)!


Mark Harvey(mopehead)

Click here if you can't figure out where you're supposed to click to download the song.

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