Friday, November 14, 2008

Oolonged - another FREE instrumental MP3

Here is a FREE MP3 download of "Oolonged" (click here to download). This instrumental track is unreleased and didn't make the instrumental mopehead cut. I've failed to name many of these tracks properly, just picking names out of the sky to associate with it (so I know what it is). Oolonged is an ethereal lo-fi tune...not much to do with Oolong Tea, but why not just loosely associate it nonetheless...right? As I said before, I have a bunch of these instrumentals (unreleased) and I plan to give 'em away here over time. My unreleased music as well as my released tracks have made it onto soundtracks and I'm always happy to lend a track to a film, TV show or indie project.
Enjoy the FREE track and drop me a comment.

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Mark Harvey (a.k.a. mopehead)

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