Monday, October 10, 2022

October 10th, 2022...Pumpkinland and Hauntorama

Greetings and salutations,

Back in 2001 I was asked to be a part of Hauntorama - a nonprofit organization based in LA lending the music from my Pumpkinland CD (here) for a project they were developing. I ran across the order form when I was cleaning out some files and decided to look into where'd they go? Where'd they end up?

I was able to find the color version of the book artwork (left) and the following description of Sterling Long-Colbo's orgranization, "In 2001, Long-Colbo founded Hauntorama, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles. Hauntorama developed their awareness, safety and abduction prevention/education programs in connection with Child Quest International (CQI); this two-year program was created to raise awareness of child abduction, and provide safety education nationwide leading up to Halloween – a night with significant abduction risks. He partnered Hauntorama with Radio Disney, secured $500,000 in nationwide media promotion, and distributed 75,000 Halloween Safety brochures in 44 markets nationwide, supported by public safety announcements in the same markets. Long-Colbo also secured Universal Home Video and Scholastic Books as sponsors, as well as securing the involvement of the families of Boris Karloff, he also created, art-directed and produced the Hauntorama website."

I do know that my music was heard on Radio Disney and was used in the promotion of the project. I was proud to be a part of raising awareness of child abduction and to lend a hand using my music.

I've done some online searches for my CD and other information regarding the program, but it looks like after all these years it as all but evaporated.  I hope I was able to do some good.

I had a friend who located a copy of this CD recently. I think he bought it on eBay...

Have a listen to "Pumpkinland":

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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