Saturday, October 08, 2022

October 8th, 2022...Evil Seed Creations

Greetings and Season's Creepings,

Every year I make it a point to source cool new pumpkin decorations/props. The aesthetic for Pumpkinland is very much something I tweak from year to year and I've become very discriminating about what I purchase and how/if everything works together. The pumpkin I purchased the other day made me stop in my tracks - I knew I had to have it. This has been the case for the past several years. 

I ran across Evil Seed Creations on Facebook (here). Maybe a friend had liked a post...I'm not sure, but I'll tell you, Tony (the creator of these amazing sculptures) does incredible work and his art is exactly what I need for Pumpkinland. This is unique, one of a kind art that captures the pure essence of the haunted pumpkin patch. Each piece feels alive, mysterious and real.

From his website (here), " Hello-  I’m Tony, artist and creator behind Evil Seeds. A little about me: my creativity began in my childhood, my mom would take me around town entering different art contests with my drawings of all these creatures.

Starting about 14 years ago, I decided to take my love for creating creatures and decorate my front yard for Halloween. That's where my story goes wild. I started setting up elaborate Hollywood style displays in my front yard every year with each year more elaborate than the last. People would come from all over including media from TV, radio and newspapers! Even featured on HGTV's " Home Strange Home." I have specialized in medium to large scale life size creatures and as being an extreme perfectionist it's evident in everything I create.
Each creation is NEVER shipped until I am completely satisfied with every detail as if I was creating it for myself."
My favorite sculpture of his is named "Scavenger" (pictured to the left). I hope to someday have some of these amazing pieces in my collection.
You can find Evil Seed Creations on Tony's website (here), Facebook (here), Instagram (here), TikTok (here) and on Etsy (here). 

I'll be following his work as should you.  Like his page on Facebook, follow him on Instagram and buy his art.  Support artists!

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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