Friday, October 07, 2022

October 7th, 2022...pumpkin purchase

Good evening friends and fiends,

Over the years I've really honed in on what Halloween decorating is to me and as time has gone on there's less and less that appeals to me. I've been in the "big box" stores and have walked out empty handed each and every time...until yesterday. I was picking up a gallon of paint for a project and had my youngest in tow as he was out of school early.  After I got the paint we wandered over to the Halloween section as my son hadn't seen the latest decorations there.  I had been in the store a few times prior and hadn't noticed this pumpkin (pictured to the left).  It's pretty darn cool and looks best when it isn't lit (which is fine since this one is battery powered). Another welcome addition to Pumpkinland.

Speaking of Pumpkinland...

So far so good this season keeping the money in my wallet...

Of course, I can't pass up Halloween candy.  I'm hoping it'll last until Halloween. I've found a handful of other things that I'd like to purchase, but as the years go on the things I want are typically handmade and very expensive. I'll post something later this month about my favorite artists and their super cool Halloween things.

Speaking of "Candy"...

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

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