Wednesday, October 05, 2022

October 5th, 2022...The Ghost In You - Billy Pollard

Good evening and hello,

These great t-shirts are from The Ghost in You's TeePublic shop here. They arrived on October 1st and the kids and I were super stoked to see them. I bought each of them shirts last year and they asked for more.  I'd rather support Billy than buy a generic t-shirt somewhere else.

The t-shirts and print quality are fantastic. They are super soft.

I've written about Billy Pollard's art and music before (here).

To order his art and buttons visit The Ghost in You Etsy shop here.  

To order his art on t-shirts visit The Ghost in You TeePublic shop here.

To download The Ghost in You music shop here.

You can order his books “The Undead Adventures of Bone Boy and Ghost Girl” (here) and its brand new sequel, “Bone Boy and Ghost Girl meet Dead Dog” (here),

I hope you enjoy his art and music as much as I do.  If so, please support him.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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