Friday, October 29, 2021

October...Day Twenty Nine...

Hey there...

Anyone out there? I know folks look at my blog - they do more when I give free MP3s away, but I know there's folks out there. Testing...1...2...3...

It is hard to believe it's October 29th and we're two days away from Halloween. The good thing is - October has a way of inspiring me and the coming months tend to be very productive. Although I'll miss October I look forward to a nice Fall finish and beginning of Winter. Without access to my DVD collection (maybe that's obsolete, but I haven't been able to find - online - some of the movies I want to watch) I have resorted to using online streaming sources which has been very cool. My six year old and I watched a classic and a "new" classic. First up was Walt Disney's 1952 classic "Trick or Treat".  My child immediately picked up on what a bully Donald is in the short. And yes, he is, but it's a fun show nonetheless.

Next up we watched Disney's 2017 short "The Scariest Story Ever - A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular ". We both thoroughly enjoyed the special. 

I particularly enjoy the scenes of rolling hills with pumpkins, scarecrows and farms. The overall humor was alright, but the visuals were great.

So...are you going to be trick or treating in your neck of the woods? Do tell.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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