Saturday, October 09, 2021

October...Day Nine...

Good evening and hello,

Yesterday was a fun Halloween package day in the house.  Two packages arrived.  One package with the t-shirts that I ordered from The Ghost in You's TeePublic shop here (and pictured to the left) arrived and the kids and I were super stoked to see them.

The t-shirt and print quality is fantastic. They are super soft.  I did purchase higher grade t-shirts from his shop and am glad I did.

I'm laundering them today so my kids and I can rock them tomorrow.

The other package I received was from Pulp Novelties and the "Alley Cat" Halloween Lantern I ordered from his Esty store (here) . What an incredible piece of art! I decided to do a quick video of it as to see it with flicker bulbs inside is a real treat. 

Have a look at the video


I haven't made many purchases this year.  I've been slowing down over the years.  I support independent artists with their unique and special art OR I purchase items that fit into my "Pumpkinland" haunt theme.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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