Friday, October 08, 2021

October...Day Eight...

Good evening,

I don't have shows that I regularly watch. Most of the series TV I used to watch has left the airwaves.  I've always felt it was freeing to not "have to" watch something, keep up with something... 

I did watch The Mandalorian in its entirety. 

I have been looking for new shows to watch, but nothing has hit yet which is fine with me.

I surfed the channels the other night and found Halloween Wars on the Food Network and then some other pumpkin carving and seasonal TV shows.  I enjoy seeing the creativity of the artists. I caught some old episodes (I wouldn't have guessed they were THAT old) and watched one show with Rob Zombie as a judge (Halloween Wars S01E03: Zombies vs. Vampires). You can check out past episodes and see the upcoming schedule for Halloween Wars at the Food Network by clicking here.

I'm going to set my DVR to catch some more of these shows. Any that you'd recommend?

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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